Blasting at West India Docks

Massive stone-work splinters to fragments as gelignite blasts a way for new walls.



PLA Swimming Gala

1933 PLA Swimming Club gala in Millwall Cutting.

St. Hubert's House Opening

St. Hubert's House is officially opened by the Duchess of York in 1935

Dockland Settlement

A 1935 film about the Dockland Settlement in East Ferry Rd.



Mudchute Anti-Aircraft Gun

Extract of 1940 film produced by Shell Film Unit, "Transfer of Skill", describing creation of anti-aircraft shell fuses and showing firing of gun.

London Builds Again

Colour film showing the construction of Orlit housing in post-war London, including extensive scenes filmed in Billson St.

Opening of Rawalpindi House

Official opening of Rawalpindi House in 1948 by Charles Key, Minister of Works.

Dock Tour

Several shots of the Crested Eagle paddle-steamer passing under Tower Bridge and sailing down the Thames, past the Isle of Dogs, with a group of kids on board.



Antartic Expedition

Millwall Docks, London. CU. Stern of ship showing name 'Theron - Halifax'. Dunbar House in view.



Queenie Watts on the Island

Bridge, dock, lock and street scenes from the 1963 documentary, 'Portrait of Queenie'.

Mellish St.

Filmed on a Super 8 camera by Mr George Charnley, reproduced here by kind permission of the Charnley family.

The Walls

Extracts from the 1963 film, Portrait of Queenie. Scenes of Queenie's husband, Slim, driving round the walls in his lorry.

The Waterman's Arms

A lively night in the Waterman's Arms. Apple Quicktime required to play this one.

The Sandwich Man

Extracts of the 1966 film, The Sandwich Film, starring Michael Bentine. Early scenes were filmed at the corner of Mellish Street and Alpha Grove.

Dudgeon's Wharf Explosion

News report after Dudgeon's Wharf explosion which killed 6, including 5 firemen.




An ITN news report of the 1970 Unilateral Declaration of Independence by the Isle of Dogs.

St. Luke's Primary School

Unique footage of the original St Luke's C of E Primary School, next to the River Thames, on the Isle of Dogs, London, England, during its demolition around 1971.

277 Bus

Old footage of the 277 bus on the Isle of Dogs, in 1970's,prior to the Canary Wharf developments.

Ray's Film (1977). Part 1 of 2

Part 1 of Ray Subohon's film of the Island Carnival, Silver Jubilee celebrations and more in 1977.

Ray's Film (1977). Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of Ray Subohon's film of the Island Carnival, Silver Jubilee celebrations and more in 1977.



The Glass Bridge

Scenes from the 1981 BBC TV series, The Chinese Detective, filmed in and around the glass bridge.

After the Docks Closed

Thames TV report from the empty Millwall Docks not long after they were closed.

Images of Dockland

Pupils from George Green's School go on an educational Thames boat trip.

3D Special Agents

Half of a Children's Film Foundation production filmed mostly on the Island. Kids against a criminal gang. What else?

Island History Trust Film - Part 1

Like it says on the tin.

Island History Trust Film - Part 2

Like it says on the tin.

Cubitt Town School in TV news

Cubitt Town School Paintings on TV, featuring Miss Foden and Ray Raynor.


Only the Island scenes of the Prospects TV series, along with captions identifying different locations.

Enterprise Zone

Thames TV report about the recently started Enterprise Zone activities.

Canary Wharf Redevelopment

A look at the plans for a new railway system to service Canary Wharf and at the arguments over who will pay for it.

Docklands Redevelopment

How do locals benefits from LDDC plans?

The End of Leslie's Cafe

Les Gable gives up the fight to sell his Preston's Road cafe at a fair price.

Ordering Online from ASDA

Pensioners in an Island day centre order goods from ASDA via a "high tech computer TV".

Isle of Dogs Road Trip - Part 1

The Isle of Dogs, London, England in 1989. From East India Dock Road, Poplar to St, John's Park, Samuda Estate, Manchester Road. Filmed & Narrated by Peter Wright.

Isle of Dogs Road Trip - Part 2

The Isle of Dogs, London, England in 1989. From St John's Park, Samuda Estate, Manchester Road, to St Edmund's RC School. Filmed & Narrated by Peter Wright.

Isle of Dogs Road Trip - Part 3

The Isle of Dogs, London, England in 1989. From St Edmund's RC school to The North Pole Public house in Manilla Street. Filmed & Narrated by Peter Wright.

Isle of Dogs Road Trip - Part 4

From the North Pole in Manilla Street, Isle of Dogs, London, England to Pennyfields in Poplar Filmed & narrated by Peter Wright in 1989.

Island Carnival, Kid's Party

Island Dogs Carnival 24th June 1989. Great Eastern Self-Build Annual Children's Party Peter Wright.



Cuba Street

Film of Cuba Street on 2nd January 1995 Peter Wright 2012.

West Ferry Rd

West Ferry Rd filmed in 1995. Peter Wright 2012.

IRA Bomb in Canary Wharf

ITN report of 1996 IRA bombing in Canary Wharf.

IRA Bomb, One Week Later

Repairs to flats on Alpha Grove. Pensioner's day centre. Interviews with local residents.

IRA Bomb, One Year On

ITN report from South Quay and Alpha Rd one year after the IRA bomb in Canary Wharf.



The North Pole

The North Pole was built as a beerhouse in the 1860's, one of the earliest and few remaining original buildings on Millwall. Now closed and scheduled for demolition.

St. Luke's Church

Filmed by Peter Wright on 5th Oct 2014, the day before demolition of the church commenced.

St. Luke's Church, Interior

Interior of St. Luke's Church shortly before the demolition. Filmed by Peter Wright .

Hard Working People

Woodrow Morris's documentary film of the Islanders behind the 1986 protest against by the Association of Island Communities against the London Docklands Development Corporation.


All Years


Island Pubs

All known photos of Island pubs, with piano and singing by Dennis Lowther in the George, many years ago.

Prefab Memories

Brother and sister George Warren and Olive Welfare talk about their prefab memories of growing up in a uni-seco prefab.

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